Saving your natural teeth is always a prerogative at Expert Smiles,  but sometimes teeth are non-restorable. Teeth may be needing to extract the tooth due to conditions like:

Severe Tooth Decay in College Park,MD & Hyattsville MD
Advanced Gum Disease in College Park,MD & Hyattsville MD
Chronic Infection in College Park,MD & Hyattsville MD
Fractured Roots in College Park,MD & Hyattsville MD
Toothaches and Abscessed Teeth in College Park,MD & Hyattsville MD
Denture Treatments in College Park,MD & Hyattsville MD
Orthodontic Therapy in College Park,MD & Hyattsville MD

Keeping You Relaxed in College Park,MD & Hyattsville MD

During your dental extraction, our dentists will make sure you feel as minimal discomfort as possible. We will thoroughly numb the area around the tooth and even offer sedation if you like!
Why replace a tooth that you just had pulled? Leaving the space empty can cause expensive complications later on. Your other teeth will start to drift or shift out of place due to the extra space. This can change the way your teeth bite together, straining your jaws and even causing fillings or crowns to wear out prematurely. That’s why at  Expert Smiles we have special offers to make your tooth replacements affordable like bridges and dental implants.
Do you think you need to have a tooth to be extracted? Call us for personalized oral health care that will put your mind at ease.


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