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Composite Dental Bonding College Pa rk,MD & Hyattsville MD

Dental bonding is a great procedure for many minor imperfections that may be noticeable within your smile. It covers the imperfection with a material that is similar to your tooth’s natural enamel, and then it is smoothed down so that it is safe for in your mouth and shiny to match the rest of your teeth. Dental bonding is not great for every issue within your mouth, but when you have small problems, dental bonding is often an ideal solution. 

Want an inexpensive way to fix those gapped, chipped or discolored teeth? Affordable dental bonding may be the best option! With bonding, ExpertSmiles in College Park, MD can help you correct problems like:
  •  Minor discoloration or staining of your teeth in College Park,MD & Hyattsville MD
  •  Chips on the corners of your teeth in College Park,MD & Hyattsville MD
  •  Jagged edges or surfaces of your teeth in College Park,MD & Hyattsville MD
  •  Little fillings in the most noticeable of teeth in College Park,MD & Hyattsville MD

Gaps between your teeth that need a slight amount of dental bonding too close Your cosmetic bonding is matched to the shade of your real tooth, so that the final restoration looks as if nothing was placed over your tooth. The process is fairly easy and usually takes less than one hour to complete.
Here at ExpertSmiles, we can help you fix up any and all minor imperfections in your smile. Whether you are dealing with a chip from a coffee mug, or stains on your teeth from the coffee itself, dental bonding is the answer. Give us a call today, and come in and see our experienced, professional dentists. They can walk you through what dental bonding could do for your smile, and what the process will entail. We can then set up your bonding appointment and get you in for the improvement that you have been wanting and waiting for. 


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